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About Us

Whether you are planning to construct a new house or to renovate your existing home, flooring is one of the most important household features you must consider. All homeowners should be carefully selective when they choose materials for flooring. Flooring is an integral part of a house and without proper flooring, a home is not complete.
The same rule applies to decking. A hard-wearing, durable and attractive deck helps your house to transition perfectly from the interior to the exterior natural environment and will provide a comfortable area for al fresco meals and a safe place for the family to enjoy the fresh air.
Homeowners will consider different options, such as marble, vinyl or cork, in the construction of their flooring and decking. We can assure you that you will not regret your decision if you choose to invest specifically in bamboo flooring. And that’s where Bamboo Network Australia comes in.
About Bamboo Network Australia

We are a family-owned and operated company offering high quality bamboo flooring and bamboo-composite decking services.  We satisfy the flooring and decking needs of homeowners in the Coffs Coast and surrounding area.
In terms of quality and value, our construction work is second to none. Our bamboo flooring installation and decking installation services are both aesthetically appealing and completely eco-friendly. Our installations guarantee zero wastage and pollution.
In addition to bamboo flooring, Bamboo Network Australia also offer oak timber flooring. This attractive and durable oak timber is of fine quality and adds a new dimension to the age-old hardwood flooring, giving your house a perfect blend of modern and classic.
Our team of architects and manufacturers have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Throughout these years, we have been delivering some of the sturdiest bamboo flooring installation in Australia. Our decking and flooring services will guarantee peace of mind and many years of enjoyable use and our prices are highly competitive and reasonable.
We take great pride in our brand, our teamwork, and our services.
How Does Our Company Add Value?

When it comes to property upgrades, all homeowners want to hire the best company to do the job. A home is one of the most valuable assets in your possession, so it’s completely understandable that your expectations and demands are high.
We are a family business and we never underestimate the importance of your home for you and your loved ones. While we work to make your house look and feel more attractive, we take care of your home as if it were our own. We strive to renovate and beautify your home to the best of our abilities. We construct very high quality installations you can be proud of and depend upon for many years. We understand how much the project means to you as a family and we work closely with you to ensure you make the right decisions. At every step, we carefully consider what will be the best solution to satisfy your aims and objectives.
All homeowners want their flooring and decking upgrades to be of premium quality and to last a long time. This is why we install the strongest bamboo flooring and decking in your home to ensure you get just what you want. Serving your needs gives us great pleasure and we take pride in offering you unbeatable services at very reasonable prices.
We outshine our rivals with the excellence of our service. The secret to our success lies in our team’s ability to work together with you and to carefully assess what is the best solution for your particular needs and aspirations. This ensures that the entire installation process exactly meets your demands, tastes and preferences. We will not proceed without consulting and agreeing with you beforehand: we put an extra emphasis our customer services. The last thing we want is unhappy or dissatisfied clients.
Natural bamboo flooring and decking installations enhance the aesthetic value of your home and provide you with a chance to play a part in conserving nature and reducing environmental pollution. Our installations are eco-friendly and waste-free; an ideal solution for a responsible and environmentally concerned citizen.
Our Installations
We are firmly committed to giving our customers complete satisfaction. As a company, Bamboo Network Australia wants to deliver services that are versatile and cater exactly to our client's needs. Following this philosophy, we offer different types of flooring and decking installations:
Premium Bamboo Flooring

As the name suggests, this is the highest quality, "best of the best", bamboo flooring available. Why choose natural bamboo flooring over other materials? What is so special about our bamboo installations? Our installations are created using the best grade of raw materials. During our production process the moisture content of the material is carefully monitored and controlled to maintain the bamboo's natural fibre density. This gives our bamboo installations exceptional durability and stability in a wide variety of climatic and environmental conditions.
In addition, we keep a close eye on product quality during both construction and installation.  We maintain excellent quality control standards so that our clients receive an installation that will provide many years of problem-free, satisfying use. We test all our products and materials ourselves and they are certified according to international, as well as Australian, standards. Our production process is very thorough and ensures you get high grade and long lasting bamboo timber flooring.
Our materials come in a wide range of sizes and all have a lifetime structural warranty. Our bamboo timber flooring installations have a guaranteed 25-year residential finish and a 5-year commercial finish. You might also be surprised to know that our materials are tested for fire resistance and can be provided with sound reducing acoustic underlay.
We give our bamboo flooring 11 coatings of satin UV gloss which ensures minimal emission release and makes cleaning very easy. Bamboo flooring is also surprisingly sturdy, indeed bamboo has a tensile strength similar to steel. Bamboo flooring is very easy to install and requires little or no maintenance.
From acquiring and testing our raw materials to manufacture and installation, every stage is fully planned with precise attention to detail. Given its high quality, regal appearance and low maintenance, bamboo is an ideal and highly environmentally friendly option for home flooring.
Oak Timber Flooring

Bamboo Network Australia offers an extensive range of high quality and beautifully designed oak flooring. We offer an extensive choice of colours and styles to cater to the diverse tastes of our clients. We want to find the material, style and colour that best matches your floor design that harmonizes with your home’s individual décor, we always select the very best material for the job.
Oak timber is a very popular option and is especially preferred for its strength and luxurious finish. It is one of the first options demanded by homeowners looking for durable yet stylish flooring. At Bamboo Network, oak timber flooring is made with a 3mm oak layer, which in turn is stabilized with multi-layers and cross ply, which form its core.
The oak timber we use in our flooring also comes in a variety of different sizes, so you can choose whichever you think is perfect for your home.
Like bamboo flooring, oak timber flooring also comes with a lifetime structural warranty, with a 25-year residential finish or a 5-year commercial finish. Our oak timber flooring is also very ecofriendly and can withstand the severity of Australian weather conditions. Furthermore, like our bamboo products, our oak timber is tested for resistance against fire and for acoustic noise reduction. We also perform CSRIO testing, a procedure that checks for emission release.
We test all our materials according to international and Australian standards to ensure the excellence and quality of our services.
With a satin UV coating, the oak timber flooring can be installed without the need for large-scale overhauls. Installation is very easy using our click-lock system. In addition, our oak flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. Our oak products are also especially resistant to parasitic attack.
Our oak timber floorings are highly durable and hardwearing and we offer a mix of classic and modern styles that are very popular with our clients. The positive customer feedback we have received for our flooring makes us say with confidence that your home will have a pleasing new look and a relaxing, cool, feeling underfoot.
Bamboo Composite Decking

Bamboo composite decking is another one of our very popular offerings. It is a beautiful and stylish choice that will add an aura of elegance and grace to your outdoor space. The material used is great for naturally blending your outdoor area with the natural landscape filled with trees and flowers. The decks are also aesthetically pleasing and have a timber grain finish.
Moreover, our decking installations are particularly popular because we use eco-friendly, recycled materials. Our recycled products are ahead of the game in the industry. Their composition is of 60% recycled bamboo (which is treated dry fibre and sawdust) while the rest is HDPE recycled plastic and non-toxic additives (these include colorants, anti-fungal, anti-UV agents, stabilizers and lubricants, amongst other things). Thus, our decking installations are high in style and easy on the conscience. 
As with our bamboo flooring installations, the materials for decking installations are also available in different sizes. Moreover, the installation comes with a 10-year structural warranty.
Like bamboo flooring, our decking installations are 100% fire-tested. They are also tested for emission release. Furthermore, our decking material boasts heavy-duty, high wear resistance. It is able to withstand exposure to high levels of moisture and UV rays. And if you are worried about insects and termites our decking installations are made to resist all types of creepy-crawlies.
The decking installation process is very easy; the deck has a hidden clip-fixing system that makes it easy to position and fix. Once in place our locking system ensure stability and trouble-free use.
Our bamboo composite decking is also very easy to maintain, especially since no recoating is required. We also guarantee that the material will not crack or splinter. This, combined with the fact that we do not use nails or screws, is why the material is completely safe for your children to play on.
Other Accessories

Apart from extensive flooring and decking installations, we also provide accessories for your floor to meet your individual needs. If you want accessories for your bamboo floating floor or for any other type of flooring, we offer the following accessories:
•   L Angle: This type of trim is used to make an easy transition to other types of flooring or      to vertical surfaces.
•   H Expansion: H expansion is a type of trimming used to provide an expansion joint              between boards.
•   C Channel: This has the same purpose as that of the L angle. The only difference is its          shape.
•   Universal cover: This acts as a connecting ramp between two types of flooring or                  between surfaces lying at uneven heights.
•   Reducer: By acting as a ramp, this performs the same function that a universal cover            does, although the two are constructed differently.
•   Stair Nosings
•   Bamboo Stair-Nosings
•   Oak Stair-Nosings
•   Metal Stair Nosings
•   Decking End Cap
•   Quarter Round
•   Scotia
•   Underlay: we can provide thermal or acoustic (noise reducing) underlays.
•   Slip Resistant Tape: to keep you and your family from slipping.
With so many dynamic, stylish and versatile options, Bamboo Network Australia is the #1 option when it comes to taking care of your home’s flooring and decking needs.